Who’s Who at the EIR Program Office

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) administers the EIR program with the assistance of The Impact Group, a science and technology consulting organization that specializes in science and technology communications and education.


EIR Program Office, c/o the Impact Group

Jeffrey Crelinsten

Executive Director
Tel: (416) 481-7070 ext. 26
Fax: (416) 481-7120
Email: jcrelinsten@impactg.com

Rebecca Melville
Program Manager
Tel: (416) 481-7070 ext. 33
Fax: (416) 481-7120
Email: rebecca@impactg.com


Professional Engineers Ontario

Ravi Peri

Chair, EIR Subcommittee
c/o PEO
Tel: (416) 840-1116