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Overall Expectation / Specific Expectation

B1. use problem-solving processes and project-management strategies in the planning and fabrication of a product or delivery of a service

B1.1 apply the steps of a design process or other problem-solving process to plan and develop products and services

B1.2 apply the steps and/or techniques of appropriate problem-solving processes and methods to solve a variety of problems in different technological areas

B1.5 demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively in a group environment to solve problems

B2. fabricate products or deliver services, using a variety of resources

B2.1 use appropriate tools, materials, and equipment to create products or deliver services

B2.2 make accurate measurements using a variety of tools, in metric or imperial units, as appropriate

EIR Stories from St. Bonaventure in Toronto

Our very first report from an EIR Program comes from Steven Kwan, P.Eng., Rebecca Lovisek and her grade 7/8 gifted class at St. Bonaventure Catholic School in Toronto.

The first session was on fluids and examining the flow of fluids:

The students were testing the flow of our water in our “community”. Each of the boxes represents a house lot, with “underground” (simulated by sand) water and wastewater connections. Above-ground, there is a ball valve to control the flow of water, as well as a one-way flow regulator in which the wastewater (shown in the plastic cup filled with green water) can be injected into the system and then flushed away. These units were tested individually and then all together as part of a larger community. Water was pumped into the system from the orange bucket through the system by a series of aquarium airline tubing ‘pipes’.

Homes to cover the pipe infrastructure will be constructed in later sessions as well as electrical connections to provide lighting.

photo 1crop


From the “communication” session:

The tallest structure of the 4 groups holding up a marble on a tape and straw structure. The primary lesson of this task was to understand the importance of group communication when performing a complicated task in a time-limited situation. Each group was forced to communicate in only one fashion, i.e. whispering to one other person in the group (broken telephone), written notes, or with hand gestures.

photo 2

The session notes for the communications activity can be viewed here >>

Steven and Rebecca have had 3 successful sessions this school year with more to come in 2015!

Orientation 2014 Materials

The EIR Orientation for new Engineers in Residence and participating teachers was held on October 25th at the Engineers Without Borders Canada National Office. It was also broadcast live over the internet. Below, we have a package of items linked that capture all of the topics discussed in our 2014 orientation.

Orientation Power Point Slideshow

Orientation Video – Recorded live from the Orientation. (You can skip through the dead air using the orientation minutes, see below)

Orientation Minutes Document – The minutes document has timestamps to note exactly where in the video a certain topic was discussed and has links to the activity sheets used.

Check out this video of EIR in action!

Check out this awesome video put together by teacher Giulia DeRosa. Watch students take part in an inter-school Engineering Challenge competition held between St. Gregory and St. Monica schools in Ottawa, led by their outstanding EIR Don Ball with the invaluable help of engineer volunteer Paul Dockrill. Amazing job!

New activities added!

We added 12 new curriculum-linked, hands-on activities to our Resource collection! These activities are tried and tested in real EIR classrooms and include comprehensive steps on implementing them in your classroom. With everything from paper airplane competitions to building sustainable housing to making rubber milk (mmmmmm….), there’s something in there for everyone.

Four of the activities were put together by the amazing students at the University of Windsor, and are the result of our Bridging Worlds: An Engineering Education Challenge project. To learn more about this fantastic project click here.

The new activities include:

96. Career Day
97. Straw Tower
98. Refrigeration and Water Rocket
99. Simple Machines
100. Rubber Milk
101. Space Rover
102. Design and Build House Model
103. EIR Launcher
104. Fishing With Allure
105. GOFishSustainability
106. Paper Aircraft Competition
107. Resisting Winds of Change


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