The EIR program encourages volunteer engineers to work closely with educators to develop a program custom-tailored to the school. There is no cookie cutter approach. What EIRs and educators plan depends on their schedules, interests, and personalities as well as the school culture and the interests/needs of the students. But we don’t expect our volunteers to do it alone. Along with our Program Guide, this section of our website offers a variety of tools and resources to help educators and engineers working to engage students in STEM learning.

Special Programs

Bank of Knowledge: Engage in discussion with your fellow engineers and educators! All members of the EIR community (educators, engineers, partners, etc.) are free to ask questions and engage in discussion on our Bank of Knowledge Forum. Sign up today!
EIR Mentor Program: The EIR mentor program is an informal service that matches veteran EIRs with EIRs entering the program. Veteran mentors can answer questions and share stories, advice and ideas. If you are a first-time EIR looking for a mentor, please contact for details.

Helpful Tools and Resources

Hands-on Activities: An amazing array of hands-on activities that you can sort by grade and curriculum strand, developed for the classroom by EIR-teacher teams.

Presentations: Presentations, instructions for challenges/activities, and student handouts sent to us over the years by EIRs. Use as is, or adapt to your needs!

Useful Websites: A key-word searchable resource containing a variety of fantastic websites that can help you plan classroom activities and presentations, brush up on specific concepts, or help answer student questions about engineering and engineering careers. Currently under construction.

Forms for Volunteers: Exactly as it sounds, all the forms our volunteers might need during their work with the program. You need to be signed on to view this page. Don’t have an account yet? You can sign up here. It only takes two minutes to register, but your registration will have to be approved by the site administrators before you have access.

We like to share the wealth! Anyone is welcome to use these resources.


We’re always looking for more!

Is there something you’d like to see in our Resources section? Do you know of a really great website or tool you’d like to share? Did you do a presentation you think others would benefit from? Let us know! Send us your ideas at